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Here we offer a unique accommodation solution with two separate tents. Our Okavango tent has two bedrooms, including a 160cm wide bed and a 140cm wide bed along with an upper bunk bed which has a 90cm wide bed. Our Bell tent sleeps up to 4 people with comfortable 90 cm wide mattresses and can accommodate an additional guest if desired, totaling 5 people.

Welcome to Remjeng Retreat's wonderful glamping experience, where we combine rural charm with modern comfort in the middle of Värmland's nature. Our glamping area is surrounded by forest, fields and pastures, which gives you a close to nature and relaxing stay.

Look inside the Okavango tent

When you book our glamping area, you have access to a large terrace and outdoor area that includes an outdoor kitchen with a fire pit, our charming orangery and a cold bathhouse with several amenities.


For relaxation, we also have a spa bath, a cold pool and a sauna in the cold bath house. The cold bath house has one

simple toilet with a combustion toilet and a simple shower. Here you can enjoy

relaxing moments in the hot tub, cool off in the cold pool or warm up in the sauna.


**When you book our glamping through Airbnb, we have two listings that give you flexibility to book for

both small and larger groups, up to 10 people.


If you want to book the Okavango tent for up to 5 people, choose Okavango tent below.

If you are more than 5 people and want to book for a larger group, choose both the Okavango and Sibley tents,

which together accommodates 10 people.

Click the Okavango Tent button & Sibley tents that will take you to the ad where you can book.

Hot tub Lay-z spa
Spa & Relax department, cold bath
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