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Jennifer & Henrik


Hello and welcome!

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us and Remjeng Retreat.

A few years ago we were looking for a place where we could share special moments with our friends and family. That's when my partner, Henrik, and I found the dreamlike place that we immediately realized we wanted to share with others. Already in the first year we opened up the farm for rent, we received fantastic feedback. That quickly led us to the decision to expand and create a unique atmosphere and living options that we personally designed and love.

My background is from Botswana, where I grew up with my family and spent many days out in the bush around Kathe lahari desert and the northern part of Botswana with my father, including the Okavango Delta. We camped and enjoyed glamping in canvas tents and caravans.


This lifestyle has always been a part of me since I was young. When we moved to Sweden in 1997, I had always dreamed of recreating that feeling of camping under the open sky in Botswana and feeling the close contact with nature that I had as a child. Today we have created our own little Botswana-inspired glamping experience, mixed with the outstanding Swedish nature.

Värmland has always been a magical place for me, and I had the privilege of visiting Värmland many times as a child because my grandmother had a summer cottage in Finnskogen. There was no doubt in our minds that we wanted to create a life here in Värmland as well.

Henrik is from Oslo, Norway, and his work with music and love for what nature has to offer has made the farm a sacred place for him. It is confirmation that we have found our home. We have been balancing our lives between city life and country life since we got this place. The ability to commute between two different worlds is an amazing gift, and to be able to share this place with you is priceless to us.


We welcome you to our home at Remjeng Retreat.

Okavango tält, safaritält , comet 27 Yala luxury canvas lodge



Remjeng Retreat

A couple of years ago we were on an exciting search for a place where we could create memories together with friends and family. Suddenly we were standing there, in the middle of our dream, and we knew instantly that this was a place we wanted to share with the world. It was the first year we opened up the farm for rent, and the fantastic feedback we received was overwhelming. We quickly realized that we wanted to take it to the next level, creating an even more unique atmosphere and accommodation options that we had designed ourselves from the ground up.



Welcome to Remjeng Retreat, a glamping operation that strives to develop into the ultimate place for events and retreats in the countryside, where nature, ecotourism and nature experiences are the focus. The year was 2023 when we made the decision to open the doors to Remjeng Retreat. Our vision is not only to create memories for ourselves, but also to be involved in creating memories and unforgettable moments for our guests. Our main house, which dates back to 1856, is full of charm and simplicity which

makes the stay in the house so pleasant.

The farm as a whole is a place steeped in history, and we strive to preserve and upgrade it in the best possible way. Our pursuit of sustainability means that we do our utmost to reuse materials and create a business that is proud of its environmental responsibility.





Our glamping experience is unique and puts you in the middle of the Värmland forests. We are open to collaborations with various actors who offer wellness activities such as yoga and meditation. We believe that contact with nature, the countryside and the forest has a healing effect on the mind, and we aim for you to leave Remjeng Retreat with renewed energy and a sense of inner peace.






We want to open up our homely country retreat to you so you can enjoy our simple facilities and explore the surrounding hiking trails.Remjeng Retreat is strategically located only 1.5 hours drive awayKarlstad, 3.5 more hoursGothenburg , and another 1.5 hoursOslo from our location.  This makes us a perfect destination for our Norwegian partners as well, as we are close to the Norwegian border.


We welcome our neighbors fromNorway to share our unique experience and collaborate with usWelcome to a place where memories are made and nature is your nearest neighbor. 

Remjeng retreat main house
main house, remjeng retreat
The main house, Remjeng retreat
The main house, Remjeng retreat
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